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NEFFIE is a project of the research center “San Raffaele” in Milan. Presented at WAICF22 with an old photo booth in which an AI software replaced the traditional camera, NEFFIE became at WAICF23 a real artistic metaverse.

After Cannes, the NEFFIE project went on to Milan and to the Venice Biennale. The photo booth had always been a way to take a standardized impersonal picture of the user. At the Venice Biennale, Vaccari transformed it into an artistic tool that emancipates individuals, giving each of them the possibility to express themselves freely.

If NEFFIE, presented in Cannes in 2023, keeps the initial intention of Vaccari, it goes further thanks to new technologies. The spectators can enter the metaverse which presents the virtual NFT images (metapictures) created by all the people who made the experiment at WAICF22.