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World A.I. Cannes Festival 2024

For this 3rd edition, Diana Vicinelli Landi and the EuropIA Institute presented several projects linking Art and TechnologIA through the Leonardo Project.

Why Leonardo da Vinci? This pioneer of scientific observation advocated for the use of technology for the benefit of all. He believed that the key to a true understanding of the world lay in perceiving the connections between phenomena and the broader patterns formed by these relationships. His inventions allowed humanity to forge a privileged connection with the world of Space. As we stand at the threshold of a new era of AI, Leonardo’s visionary approach helps us navigate the complexities of the future to design the future of AI… In a way less enigmatic than the Mona Lisa’s smile


Last Supper Interactive​

Virtual reality journey
closest to the famous painting
by Leonardo da Vinci.

Living Mona Lisa

Living Art

Are you smiling? She’s happy.
Are you sad? She’s puzzled.
Interact with the Mona Lisa!

Flying to the stars

The dream of Leonardo

A spectacular video
about Leonardo da Vinci’s
dream of flying to the stars.

Codex of the Birds

The visions take shape

A video in HD 8K
to understand the full vision
of this great genius.

"AI & Leonardo"


How to shape the future? Featuring Diana Landi, Franz Fischnaller, Florent Aziosmanoff, Giancarlo Genta, and Anilkumar Dave.
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Special Leonardo & AI
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