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"How improper it is to call this planet EARTH when it is evidently only an OCEAN".

A work-in-progress...

MARE NOSTRUM is an initiative designed to bring together specialist scientists, innovative artists and committed players to address the dangers of marine pollution. The Mediterranean sea holds the sad record of being one of the world’s most polluted seas. Plastic poses a particular threat to marine biodiversity: ingested by marine fauna and flora, it completely contaminates the sea and the entire food chain of living beings. In the particularly fragile ecosystems affected by this issue, protecting the health of the sea means preserving the biodiversity of marine organisms (posidonia, plankton, coral, mammals, fish, birds…).

Initiated and directed by Diana Vicinelli Landi, President of Art-tech and Art & AI expert at the EuropIA Institute, the MARE NOSTRUM project has already taken place in 2021 in Venice, in 2022 in Sophia Antipolis, in 2023 at the WAICF in Cannes, in Villeneuve-Loubet for World Ocean Day and in Monaco. Most recently, the MARE NOSTRUM team was in Genova (Italy) for the Ocean Race, the crewed round-the-world regatta which has, among its goals, one more objective this year: to create and take to the United Nations a first draft of the Declaration of the Rights of the Oceans.

A look back at an initiative which has succeeded in forging a strong link between the various stakeholders: the scientific community, innovative companies in the fields of technology and ecology, artists and the general public.