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World Ocean Day 2023

To celebrate World Ocean Day 2023, ArTech presented the results of its commitment to raising awareness of the dangers of marine pollution in the ocean. With the participation of scientists such as Maria Luiza Pedrotti (oceanography specialist and coordinator of the TARA Mediterranean Expedition) and Thierry Deschamps de Paillette (PhD in underwater telemetry systems) as well as artists such as Florian Draussin, this event brought together conferences, testimonies and immersive projections.

Particularly popular was the exhibition of large-format images by Jean de Saint Victor de Saint Blancard, a photojournalist and diver who shared his research, as well as other visual artists who presented their work.

The AI was also present, with a press article on the theme written entirely by GPT4 and surprising creations by DALL-E2 on marine biodiversity and plastic.