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From Waste Ocean to Artwork

From Waste to Artwork” is an alliance between art, technologIA and ecology in collaboration with Venice University and Institute of Marine Studies.

MARGINET works to solve the problem of fishing nets by locating them to recover them from depths and reuse them once transformed. Satellite images allow us to identify the deposits and to reassemble them. Transform them later into bio-fuel, recycled fabric, carpets, telephone shells, luggage, various objects and… art: more than 20 artists participated in this project, submitting their concepts to a jury who evaluated their artworks on aesthetics, the strength of the ecological message and the dimension of the work.

The winner of this project, Camilla Alberti, received the necessary materials and the budget to realize her artistic proposal. The sculpture, the first concrete result of this project, was exhibited at an evening in Venice among representatives of the business, academic, research and art worlds.

The eclectic conversations that took place that night had many practical implications: artists found new clients, companies decided to invest more in the circular economy, new exchanges and many more.