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The NEFFIE Booth

The NEFFIE Booth is an extraordinary experience that takes place in an old photo booth in which an AI software has replaced the traditional camera.

NEFFIE algorithm processes our emotional and cognitive responses to the observation of an image, giving us a tangible representation of it. A multiplicity of sensors interact with the observer and quantify the neurophysiological changes activated by visual stimuli when the viewer looks closely at an image or a work of art.

It makes the invisible visible by proposing a photography absolutely unique to each of us, a unique image that is the visual representation of what the observer sees and feels in front of an image.

At the WAICF22 in Cannes and at the Catherine Issert Gallery in Saint-Paul de Vence we presented an exhibition of digital photographs NEFFIEs (The photograph of an ephemeral image created on a reflective or translucent medium), a direct experience with the booth and a metaverse (a kind of virtual collage) of the unique and original images, produced by the involved viewers. After its first presentation in France, the NEFFIE project will be further developed in Venice this autumn during the 59th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition.